Helping BC farmers contribute to climate change mitigation while improving the productivity and ecological benefits of farmland for future generations
BC Agricultural Climate Solutions


It’s vital this is a collaborative effort from organizations across the BC agriculture sector. The key partners in the Living Lab are:

  • BC Blueberry Council
  • BC Cattlemen’s Association
  • BC Cherry Association
  • BC Dairy Association
  • BC Forage Council
  • BC Fruit Growers’ Association
  • BC Potato & Vegetable Growers’ Association
  • BC Agricultural Climate Adaptation Research Network
  • BC Wine Grape Council
  • Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • Raspberry Industry Development Council
  • University of British Columbia

Note: List is not exhaustive, additional partners/stakeholders will be added periodically.

Steering Committee

List of members of the ACS Steering Committee

Want to Participate?

If your organization is interested in participating in this collaborative initiative, please contact us with a brief description of your organization and a summary of how you would like to be involved.